• Purchasing advice

    Following an appointment to fully understand your needs, and inform you of current options and alternatives, we will search local and online vendors for the best prices and offer a short list of recommendations. Additionally, we can also act as a purchasing agent for you and ensure the purchase, delivery and installation of your new equipment.

  • Technical advice

    We can help you examine your existing computer system and give you the information you need to achieve specific goals.


  • Computer installation

    If you have a new computer or relocated your computer and require help, we can install your computer to your specifications.

  • Network installation and configuration

    Be it a wired home network, wireless access to broadband, or any other way to get two computers to talk to each other, we can advise and install your network.


  • Basic computer use

  • Internet basic concepts

    We offer a ten hour one-on-one course covering the basics of the internet and its usage from where the internet comes from to using modern voice over IP systems and P2P systems.

Diagnosis and repair

  • Software diagnosis

    We all know that software can begin to run erratically or not at all. If you suspect that your programs or operating systems are not working at their best we can diagnose, update and reconfigure you computer to it's highest possible efficiency within your requirements.

  • Hardware diagnosis

    We can pinpoint for you where a fault is with your computer allowing you to consider your options for repair or replacement.

  • Out of warranty repair

    If your computer is out of warranty and you need it up and running, we can repair or replace your faulty components to make your computer fully operational again.