Where we are?

Our office can be found at the edificio Residencial Puerta de Vera, opposite the Intermarché car park, facing the inside courtyard.

What we do?

Our goal is to bring business class IT services to the home user, small business and any other individual or group who up until now have gone without these sorts of services. We can advise, service, repair, upgrade or otherwise assist you with existing and new equipment towards specific uses or goals.

Who are we?

We are IT professionals, and technology enthusiasts, with extensive experience in technical support, training, business analysis, systems analysis, network architecture, programming and solutions development. We combine our own drive towards new technologies and existing knowledge to provide the most complete picture possible of the available technologies.

What does Compleo mean?

Compleo is a latin verb meaning not only to accomplish, but also to bring up to strength. We consider this particularly relevant to our line of work, and what we can offer our customers.